The first time I met the Australian evolutionary ecologist Monica Gagliano, she was wearing colourful paisley trousers and was giving an animated talk at a 2014 environmental humanities conference in Canberra. Despite her passionate presentation, trouble was brewing. Something was not right in the room. A woman beside me in the audience kept shifting her […]

By Maury Wright Editor in Chief, LEDs Magazine All nitride-based LED patents are covered in a cross-licensing deal between Cree and Epistar although the companies will not directly transfer technology under the terms of the agreement.   LED manufacturers Cree and Taiwan-based Epistar have announced a global intellectual property (IP) cross-licensing agreement covering all nitride-based-LED […]

Accurately calculating light intensity curve of your LED lights determines the best placement of the lights to ensure optimal plant growth.   Maximize crop production by taking into account the light intensity curves of your LED grow lights.Gauging the correct placement of LED grow lights is essential to ensure maximum plant productivity. When plants receive optimal […]